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  • 10 Vegan Recipes with Mushrooms

    10 Vegan Recipes with Mushrooms

    For you; lover of all mushrooms. Mushrooms get a bad rap. If you’re new to the fungi universe, then these strange funny-looking edible umbrellas will strike you as odd ingredients to include in a meal. In spite of their looks, mushrooms are a staple ingredient within the vegan community. They pack a ton of nutrition…

  • The Best Vegan Burger Recipe

    The Best Vegan Burger Recipe

    You want the best burgers in the neighborhood. We get it. But, it needs to be vegan! You can either find vegan substitutes where the burger is already made. A couple of brands already do this. It’s incredible how close they can get to a meaty flavor. (Beyond, Impossible, Gardein) In today’s modern times, vegan…

  • Plant-Based Bread

    Plant-Based Bread

    What is plant-based bread? Plant-based bread is any kind of variety of bread made with plant-sourced ingredients. Generally, no animal products are included in the recipe but most importantly, plant-based bread is made with whole food ingredients and is minimally processed. Can bread be a part of a plant-based diet? Following a plant-based diet often…